Pray without ceasing

The fires in Australia that I wrote about last week keep getting worse. TV newscasts show communities wiped out, homes reduced to smoking ruins, people being put up in what are essentially refugee camps and others being evacuated by water.

This morning, over the Melbourne CBD

There’s a smoky haze over downtown Melbourne and a whiff in the air that reminds one that the reality of the situation is not that far away. Pretty much everyone knows someone who is, in some way, affected.

So again I say that we need to pray over the situation: to use the relative comfort and leisure we’re enjoying to lean in and call on God to turn the situation to His glory. It’s all we can do – and all we should have to do.

We did have rain last week. We need lots more, so we can’t let up on our prayers or in our faith that God will answer.

Let’s pray for the 3 R’s:

  • Respite (for the firefighters)
  • Recovery (for the people affected)
  • RAIN

Praise God, that He has given us the ability and the authority to pray like this over crises, through His Son. We’ve said before that prayer in the Holy Spirit doesn’t know physical distance. Now is the time to put that to work!