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front-cover-09-10-12A Very Convenient Truth — or, Jesus Told Us There’d Be Days Like These, So Stop Worrying About the Planet and Get With His Program!

“Doomspeak” is the dominating theme in the current discussion of the environment, and for all the earnest, well-meaning efforts to address climate change, pollution, nuclear war, land use issues or anything else, the situation keeps getting worse.

What’s more, it seems like the only time we hear about environmental issues in the context of the Bible is when people say, “Well, God created us and we’re supposed to be good stewards.” But in the Word of God, it’s more than that, and this book looks at the way God has regarded His creation and our responsibility to it, and injects a measure of hope into the discussion.

Along the way, we also see more confirmation that the Bible is Truth in all cases.