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westpointe-preaching-1These are some of the messages I’ve preached over the years at Gospel Mission  and Westpointe Christian Church (now Compass Church) in Vancouver, BC, and Westshore Alliance Church in Langford, BC.

August 13, 2017 — (from Westshore Alliance“Unfashionably late?” or “My Vineyard – My Rules!” (audio only) Jesus likens the Kingdom of Heaven to a lot of things, including a vineyard where everyone gets “paid” the same. So why bother working there?

December 30, 2015: “Be the Star!” (audio onlymagi) — The arrival of the Magi to worship Jesus shows us how God will use any means necessary to get through to people — any people!

Sept. 6, 2015: “Gentlemen, This is a Football!” (audio only) — lombardi-packersSometimes, we just have to go right back to the basics in our relationship with God: God loves us!

July 26, 2015: “Ruth vs The World” (audio only) — Ruth did practically everything in her life contrary to the “wisdom of the world”, but consider how it turned out!

April 19, 2015: “In the Boat With Jesus” (audio only) — storms often come along in our lives and knock us off-course … or do they? With Jesus in the boat, a storm can land us exactly where we need to be, when we need to be there!

November 2, 2014: “Watch for the Thief” — (from Gospel Mission) Jesus says He’ll come back “as a thief in the night” – so we need to be prepared, stay in prayer, and watch for some serious stealing, killing and destroying … of the enemy!

October 26, 2014: “How Does He Hear My Voice?” — (from Gospel Mission) Praying to God and “believing you receive” is one thing, but how do we know He’ll hear us?

August 17, 2014: “It Seemed Like A Bad Idea At The Time” — (from Westpointe) When things appear to “go well” in our lives, it’s important to take a step back and “reverse-engineer” the situation. You will find there were “bad” things that happened along the way, without which the “good” things could not have happened. And Jesus’ lineage is a prime example.

June 22, 2014: “Forget Alligators” — (from Gospel Mission) There are so many things going on in our world today that would offend God, according to the Bible. But our calling is not to focus on those, but to focus on Jesus and encourage and inspire others to do the same.

June 8, 2014: “Cast off your Garment” — (from Gospel Mission) When Bartimaeus wanted his life to change, he “owned” his circumstances, called out to Jesus and threw off all pretense; then he made Jesus’ Way his Way.

June 1, 2014: “It’s Your Move” — (from Westpointe) One of the biggest weapons we have against Satan is confession.

May 11, 2014: “The Antidote to Fear” — (from Gospel Mission) When we find ourselves fearing someone or something, the only solution is to walk in love, removing the “personal” aspect of a situation.

May 4, 2014: “Judas Never Knew” — (from Gospel Mission) One of the things we have the greatest trouble dealing with is the fact that Jesus has already paid the price for our sins; and we now have the right to move forward in our lives.

April 27, 2014: “Peter’s Big Idea” — (from Gospel Mission) When we pray, we enter the greatest “Executive Suite” ever, and that means we have to shut up and listen. (NB: One of the facets of preaching at Gospel Mission — and likely at other Skid Row churches — is that some things can be a distraction, like the Senior Pastor’s son going back and forth between the kitchen and the office, or Richard (in the ballcap right in front of the camera) who chronically rocks side to side due to a nerve condition. One gets used to it.)

December 27, 2013: “Wise Men (and Women) Still Seek Him!” — (from Westpointe) The announcement of Jesus’ birth to the Magi is another indication that God will use whatever means necessary to reach out to people, regardless of their current faith or religious practices. (See also “Be The Star!“)

Oct. 13, 2013: “Giving Thanks Before the Fact” — (from Westpointe) When we’re faced with a problem, turn to God and give Him thanks for the fact that He already has the solution: consider Jesus feeding the thousands, or the instructions to build the Tabernacle in the wilderness, or a very confused Pontius Pilate, asking “What is truth?”

June 16, 2013: “Father’s Day – The Prodigal Son” (audio only) — (from Westpointe) Calling God “our Father” got Jesus into a whole lot of trouble with the religious folk of the day, because that took away the spiritual “weapon” they held over sinners like us; but the parable of the Prodigal Son shows just how God responds when we make the decision to “come home”.

June 9, 2013: “Answer Him Not” (audio only) — (from Westpointe) There are so many forces pulling at us to try to turn our attention away from God; to induce us to let go of our faith in Him. That’s when we have to remember Hezekiah’s instructions to his soldiers when the king of Assyria sent in his “propaganda minister”.

May 28, 2012: “The Objective is Christ” (with special appearance by Clarence Vickers) — (from Gospel Mission) “Healing” in Christ is about more than simply “feeling better”. “If we put limitations on God with our expectations, there is no manifestation!”

May 19, 2012: A special message from Clarence Vickers. He preaches straight from the heart, with prompting from the Holy Spirit. It’s always an honour — and kind of a holiday — when Clarence shows up: I just hand him the mike and bask in what he has to share.

April 30, 2011: “The Burden is Light” — (from Gospel Mission) We have a tendency to work hard to try to impress Jesus and God by working hard to serve Them or to “earn” our place. But Jesus has already done the work and as Peter and the other disciples found out one morning while fishing, the fish are already on the fire and we just have to “come and dine”. What’s more, our hard work, without Christ in us, will only take us so far — and nowhere near to the point that God has created us to reach.